Austria  / 13min  /  Fiction  /  Students  /  2017

Sandra Lanzl

Mr. Klausmann is worried about his hometown Salzburg since the refugee crisis has brought many foreign people there. Only at the park, where he enjoys watching a little girl doing pantomimes with her father, everything still seems safe. But then Mr. Klausmann’s wallet disappears. As he finds out that the pantomimes are refugees, he immediately accuses them of stealing it. In the end Mr. Klausmann has to learn the hard way that the world is not only black and white.

M.A.M.O.N. Monitor Against Mexican Over Nationwide

Mexico & Uruguay  /  5min  /  Fiction  /  2016 

Alejandro Damiani  

While Donald Trump is undergoing heart surgery, a portal to another reality opens. Latinos start falling from the sky to the desert, on the Mexico - US border, divided by an enormous wall. An hilarious war breaks between a Trump-like mecha robot and several stereotypical Mexican Latinos.


Chicago  /  15min  /  Fiction  /  2017

Diego A. Bolivar

Silvia, a Colombian immigrant, spends her last hours in Chicago before returning to her home country. There are instants of doubt and uncertainty and she doesn't know exactly what the repercussions of her decision to leave the U.S would be.

Out of the shadows 

Chicago  /  13min  /  Documentary  /  students  /  2017 

Amanda Hermans / Caroline Olsen / Dominique Teoh

Out of the Shadows follows a cumbia band, Quinto Imperio, from Chicago's Back of the Yards neighborhood. It is a story of immigrants who are undocumented, unapologetic, and unafraid to fight for their future and for the future of youth from a community that is often misunderstood.


France  /  6min  /  Documentary  /  2017 

Hugo Lemant  

Niofar tells the story of a French girl who went to meet the Senegal and its inhabitants in the hope to become integrated. The film is a visual poem on the meeting: "I" against "you", "he" who is stranger, but the three blend into "us". In Wolof, Niofiar means "to be together". It’s an ode to sharing and cultural exchanges.

Land Without Evil

Argentina & Hungary /  4min  /  Animation  /  2017

Katalin Egely

Through History, people have always been searching for a perfect place. This shortfilm, based on Guaraní mythology (Tierra sin mal), offers another point of view about paradise: what if real Paradise is inside us and lies in the harmony and unity of everything alive?


Turkey  /  4min  /  Fiction  /  2017

Kaan Atilla Taşkın  

A father who has lost his wife and children in the war in his country has been stuck in his own world in another country and the pain keeps hurt him every day.

Between I and Thou

Germany  / 14min  /  Documentary  /  2017

Hannah Schwadron

Between I and Thou enters an improvisation dance workshop in Hamburg, Germany, where a group from Afghanistan, Sierra Leone, and the United States moves through questions of migration, relationship, and creative exchange. A hybrid dance and interview format follows participants as they explore a collaborative practice where change is constant and negotiation is ever present.

Moving Dallas

Dallas  /  8min  /  Experimental  /  2016 

Jevan Chowdhury

Moving Dallas is an artistic comment on the city as it stands today. Not the JR Ewing and cowboy hats past portrayed, but as a city that means business. 80 dancers from the Lone Star star city are juxtaposed with the glassy dream that is Dallas.

Little México Film Festival 17

Migration & Cultura

Without Morning

Islamic Republic of Iran / 12min  /  Fiction  /  2016

Mohammad Baghi 

It is dawn and Erfan (soldier and prison guard) have the duty to remove the footstool on which the condemned man rests…

Los Angeles  1991

Spain & USA  /  10min  /  Fiction  /  2015


Los Angeles, 1991. The streets have become a hotbed of racial tension and hate about to burst ... Today is an important day for Eladio: he is going to avenge the death of his older brother. Within minutes he will find out that he is not the only one who has reasons to kill someone.

Un Minutito

Spain  /  8min  /  Fiction  /  2016 

Dir: Javier Macipe

María spends her days trying to collect signatures against a law she considers unfair, but nobody has time to listen to her. Whe she starts getting desperate, she meets Alejandro, who has a present for her.